is a highly acclaimed  and nationally recognized graphic designer specializing in visual and multi-media communication. After graduating with a BFA in photography and a minor in time-based media from the Cleveland Institute of Art (2000) in Cleveland, Ohio, Allen relocated to New York City to become the first designer to work with a new technology from Germany called “Litefast”. Litefast was the first transparent 360 degree LED sign system in America. It was there that he began his professional career designing logos and graphics for the motion picture, fashion, music, and marketing industries.

Allen then took those experiences and joined the Federal Highway Administration in 2003. After creating pieces for private industry clients, Allen has always felt grateful, and honored for the opportunity to help solve graphic and marketing issues for the public, particularly in transportation. Allen is most known at DOT (Department of Transportation) for his work on the DOT Safety Pledge, 50th and 55th Anniversaries of the Eisenhower Interstate System, Everyday Counts, and FHWA’s (Federal Highway Administration) values icons.

After separating from the Federal Highway Administration in 2014, Allen co-founded along with his wife and two children, Striking Communications an Adon Visions LLC entity. As the founder and creative director, Adon has been responsible for the successful day-to-day operations of the company. Allen has been instrumental in helping clients communicate visually, and in implementing program improvements across a variety of challenging environments.  Core to his leadership experience are, performance management, project management, and marketing communications. He also draws upon expertise in acquisition management, and culture shift leadership to assist clients.

Currently along with managing Striking Communications, being a husband and dad, Adon is the Creative Manager for Valor Fitness. As the Creative Manager Adon has found success in managing the companies website, where he lead the redesign process of the entire site of which consist of about 400 SKUs. Boasted sales from 3k a month to well over 50k a month. Furthermore, Adon has lead Valor Fitness’s creative team by managing the SEO efforts, analytics analysis,  video marketing and promos, as well as leading the company to growing its websites conversion rate from 0.15% to 1.6% a month.

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That is an AWESOME flyer man! You are unbelievable!
-Client Feedback

You definitely hit the nail on the head with all three [samples].. Forgive me I am too excited… 
-Client Feedback

“Seriously got goose bumps checking those out…”
-Client Feedback

“…I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a football themed baby shower invitation for my sisters baby shower next month, and then it dawned on me… Allen could whip something HOTT up in seconds…”  
-Client Feedback

“…I love the new designs! So much more calming, while still spicy…”
– Client Feedback

“Allen Adon did an incredible job on our wedding invitations and the rest of our paper materials. He is a real artist and a really nice guy. We wanted invitations that really reflected our wedding–whimsical, beautiful, and unique. We were also working on a real budget. Allen could not have been nicer or more enthusiastic. He took our ideas and made them a 1000 times better, and was also very accommodating about tweaks that we wanted. We loved working with him and could not recommend him more highly.”
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