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Creation from the Imagination is a company started by Allen Adon Jr. that publishes books that are born from the concept of telling a story through imagination. This series of books rely solely on illustrations, and therefore are literally books that tell a story without text. Creation from the Imagination “levels the playing field” between readers and non-readers by eliminating the text and tapping into the non-readers imagination, natural creative spirit, and story telling with imagery.

There are many studies done on the effects of technology on the young mind, and one out of the many findings is that, kids are losing their imagination, innovation, and creative spirit based on being introduced to technology earlier and earlier.  Therefore, giving them access to information faster and faster, and as a result, losing their edge in terms of ingenuity, creativity, and imagination. Through these series of books and characters, our goal is to present a solution to this need. The need to bring back the imaginative thinker, the creative story teller, the innovative mindset, by making stories that enable the guardian and the child to be able to create, imagine, and bond through imaginary situations, and images rather than through the written word. Most readers to non-readers go through the traditional “bedtime story” with these questions in mind,  “What would the non-reader want to read?” “How would they read to the non-reader?” “How would they interact with the non-reader while they are reading?” “How do they make learning fun for the non-reader, and how do they present learning to them in a fun manner?”

These original “stories”, “Belong with the Frogs”, “Sport’s Adventure to the Store”, and “D.D. the Dog Earns and Saves” are the first three of a series of books to be released from Creation from the Imagination. The first, “Belong with the Frogs”, is a short story that teaches the lesson that being different is alright. Furthermore, that reaching out to someone that is not like you, can be awesome, and make you and someone else feel  good!  The second, “Sport’s Adventure to the Store” is a lesson on exploration, imagination, and problem solving. The third, “D.D. the Dog Earns and Saves” is a lesson in working hard, and saving to achieve goals. Our mission is that these lessons come through in the “stories” of these books easily to the consumer, and that the stories and lessons are broad enough that they can be told in many different ways. Not only that, these stories can be adaptable to that particular family’s lifestyle, culture, religion, and goals for their children. As parents ourselves, we have shared these books with our kids and our oldest (of whom is 2 years of age and our youngest is 2 months old at the time we started these books) have taken to them in a way that we couldn’t have ever imagined! In these series of books, we are aiming at targeting the new born to 3 year old market, by promoting an early start to thinking outside the box, and pushing children to use their minds in ways that technology may not be able to push them. We see the need in the market place, for a product like this, and the potential in a product line such as this. We are firm believers that this will make an immediate impact on the way children learn to read, create, innovate, and imagine.

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